Capture More Leads with a Conversational Smartbot

A stunningly high percentage of visitors — more than 95% —  take no action once they hit a website, that is, your website. Why? It’s usually because one or more aspects of the conversion process sucks. For example:

  • Differentiation is unclear
  • The pitch is weak
  • The visitor is confused or lost
  • The call-to-action is not prominent
  • The human response is too slow

Seriously, most businesses have this backwards, throwing money at ads or traffic strategies to drive visitors before the conversion process is figured out. Poor conversion is the elephant in the room!

Behold the bot!  Regardless of what we call them — chatbots, conversational bots, marketing bots, etc. — are outstanding tools.

Conversational lead generation bots play a role here. Bots have a big advantage over boring forms and long-winded copy. When combined with carefully crafted differentiation + pitch + call-to-action, a bot effectively presents your business in it’s most concise form in a minute or two. But it does much more than that . . .

Well-designed bots guide potential customers along a personalized best-fit path, helps discover their true expectations and fit to your business, and prompts them to take the next step. For example, to submit their contact information, request a lead magnet, watch a video, set up an appointment, or pay a fee.

The goal is to engage the visitor, help them find their way, and respond quickly when they “raise their hand”. The visitor can move the conversation ahead quickly by either moving the chat from the bot to a real person, a “human takeover”, or by letting the bot make arrangements for a follow-up voice / video call.

I design and build conversational bots that can do these things and much more. They are a valuable alternative or supplement to traditional home / landing pages.

👉  Reducing Friction in the Customer Journey

Conversational apps simplify and reduce friction at every touchpoint from the discovery stage (e.g., by delivering curated information to the user instantaneously) to post-purchase (e.g., by making contacting support or submitting feedback quick and easy). Simply put, thanks to conversational automation, you are able to cut down the actions needed to complete certain goals and significantly lower customer waiting times.

Consumers are becoming less and less tolerant of delays and malfunctions. Having a 24/7 conversational assistant available on the web, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger will allow you to be there whenever and wherever your customers need you. Furthermore, real-time conversations open doors to building stronger and more authentic relationships!

👉  Personalizing Experiences

The greatest power of conversational apps, hidden to the naked eye of the end-user, is integrations.

Conversational applications can be easily linked to your CRM system, data analytics software, or NLP engines. Thanks to these integrations, even a seemingly simple conversational solution is capable of delivering hyper-personalized experiences to users, remembering their personal detail, preferences, and purchase history. A well-integrated assistant doesn’t need to ask for the same information twice, removing a lot of friction from the process and creating a stronger sense of personal relationship. Better yet, they can forward the same user data to the agent overtaking the conversation ensuring the frictionless experience carries on.

👉  Allowing your Business to Scale

Last but not least, conversational apps enable you to scale exponentially by automating a large proportion of commonly asked questions as well as most of the frequent business processes.

For instance, the Helpshift report on the State of Customer Service Automation showed that while bots sent twice as many messages in peak months, the workload for agents stayed pretty much the same allowing them to maintain service quality and standard.

Hence, even in times of sudden growth, crisis, or seasonal peak times when most businesses tend to be overwhelmed, you are still able to provide the same level of quality service.

How Does Landbot Fit into the Era of Conversational Apps?

Landbot helps businesses – enterprise, medium, and small – as well as freelancers to improve business workflows, optimize conversions, and create more personal relationships with their customers, all without coding.

Landbot’s visual interface allows conversational apps to be built by people who most understand their purpose. Marketers can easily create lead generation apps; customer support representatives can design FAQ support assists, sales teams can create powerful scoring conversational apps integrated with their CRM, etc. With us, you can build conversational apps for the web, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging app via our API.



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