Locked Out! Why You Must Control Your Domain Registration Account

Would you give your car’s pink slip to your auto mechanic?

Would you give the deed to your house to your dentist?

No way, right?

Yet, when it comes to domain names, many business owners unwittingly hand over control of this critical asset to web developers, marketing agencies, or other third parties. This can lead to disastrous consequences down the road.

Your domain name is the online equivalent of your business’s ownership. It’s how customers find you on the web, and it’s a valuable piece of intellectual property. Losing control of your domain can mean losing your online identity, your email, and your entire website.

Here are a few reasons why you must maintain direct control over your domain registration account:

  1. Ownership: Your domain name is a valuable asset that belongs to your business. By keeping the registration in your name, you ensure that you have complete control over it.
  2. Access: If someone else controls your domain account, they can make changes without your knowledge or consent, such as transferring the domain to another registrar or even selling it.
  3. Renewals: If you don’t have control over your domain account, you risk missing important renewal deadlines, which could result in your domain expiring and becoming available to others.
  4. Security: Maintaining control over your domain account allows you to set up proper security measures, such as two-factor authentication, to protect against unauthorized access.
  5. Portability: If you decide to change web developers or agencies, having direct control of your domain makes it much easier to transition your website and email to a new provider.

Direct access to the registrar account is industry standard practice; anything else is suspicious and concerning. Over the years I’ve had a few clients get in trouble with this issue and it was always because some consultant or agency got between the real owner and the intellectual property asset.

To protect your business, always register your domain in your own name and maintain direct control over the registration account. If a third party needs to make changes, you can grant them temporary access or make the changes yourself. Don’t risk losing your online identity by handing over the keys to your domain.

Use this tool to lookup the current ownership of your domain.

Remember, your domain name is a crucial part of your business’s online presence. Treat it like the valuable asset it is, and never give up control.

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